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Metal Free Crowns


Dental crowns and bridges play an important role in restorative dental care. We treat our patients with the highest quality metal-free materials that restore strength without compromising natural beauty.


Crowns are appropriate for treatment of large areas of tooth damage. The full-coverage of a crown creates a durable shield that accommodates biting and chewing while protecting the underlying structure from further damage. A custom-fit ceramic crown achieves strength that is sufficient for normal wear and tear, and can last for many years with proper care. The benefits of metal-free crowns include a discreet appearance. Because no dark line will develop at the margin of an all-ceramic crown, this restoration will essentially blend right into your smile. Additionally, and very importantly, metal-free crowns do not affect our ability to identify potential problems beneath the restoration, as occurs with a metal crown. X-ray imaging can penetrate ceramic, giving us full visual access to deeper structures.

While dental crowns are necessary for extensive damage, Dr. Gupta is also adept at repairing damage with tooth-colored inlays and onlays. These fully customized restorations are indirect fillings that are made from a model of the damaged tooth. Because they are bonded to tooth structure rather than mechanically held in place, these restorations are preferred method of repair in some cases.


A dental bridge most often involves support from two dental crowns. This prosthesis is made using a model of your teeth adjacent to the tooth that has been lost or extracted. The bridge is made in a dental lab, where the two crowns are fused to an artificial tooth. When it is returned to our office, the bridge is inserted and evaluated for fit and proper bite. Upon confirmation of proper fit and function, we bond the bridge into place. With appropriate care, a bridge can last 15 years or more.

One of the most important aspects of crown or bridge treatment is that the bite is fully restored. Dr. Gupta is thorough in his evaluation of the bite so that undue wear to restorations or natural teeth does not occur.

You can now opt for Dental Tattoo and Dental Jewellery on your crowns