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Contact : +91-83779 90994

Patient instructions during orthodontic treatment


Taking care of your braces is very important. You must clean your teeth thoroughly and be very careful not to break your braces.

Use orthodontic toothbrush to go across at the front of your mouth and backwards and forwards at the sides ie: along the archwire. Clean the teeth in each jaw separately.

Use the small interdental toothbrush to clean any remaining plaque off your teeth. Concentrate on the area between your gums, the brackets and underneath the archwire.


Use toothpaste which has fluoride in it and fluoride containing mouthwash.

Orthodontic toothbrushes, Interdental brushes & Fluoride mouthwash are all available for sale on reception.

You must be careful with what and how you eat. You must avoid anything too hard or sticky i.e. toffees, chewing gum, crusty bread, nutty breakfast cereals and hard biscuits. You must also stay away from fizzy drinks because the high sugar and acidity can cause permanent marks on the teeth.

From now on all food, even things you think are soft, MUST be cut up first into small pieces and chewed gently on your side teeth. Always remember to think before you eat something. A breakage can delay the treatment time.

After your braces are fixed, your teeth will feel tender, this is normal. Mild painkillers such as prescribed by us will help. If brackets or bands rub your lips and cheeks you may need to use brace relief (wax), provided to you by us. Your teeth may feel wobbly, DO NOT WORRY, this is quite normal.

If you break your brace please visit our clinic immediately unless your next appointment is within a day or so.
Always keep any bits that come off and bring them with you on the day of your appointment. Try not to break your brace. Remember breakages mean longer treatment.

You will still need to attend routine check-up appointments with your orthodontist during your orthodontic treatment.