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Contact : +91-83779 90994

Saving Root Canal Treatment

Do You Fear Root Canal Treatment and Have Any of These Following Questions in Your Mind:

How painful is the root canal procedure?
How many sittings will it require?
What will be the prognosis of the treatment?
What if the root canal fails?

What if You Are Given a Choice to Save Your Teeth Without a Root Canal?

Yes, you have heard it right. If you are having acute pain and have been suggested that your teeth can only be saved with root canal by other dentist, here you have a chance to avoid root canal treatment.

With latest advancement in technology there are techniques and materials available with which root canal can be avoided. Here, at Malik Dental Care we can save your teeth without the root canal procedure, thereby maintain the vitality as well as natural strength of the teeth.

Now get rid of all your fear, avoid being skeptical about root canals, let us take care of all your problems.

PS – Depending on the condition of the teeth