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Post surgical instructions

Post surgical instructions after dental implants/ tooth removal

Immediately after the Oral Surgery

  • Firmly bite on the cotton gauze piece placed on the extraction socket for minimum 30-45 minutes after extraction.
  • After 45 minutes, you must remove the gauze piece from the extraction site and take ice-cream /cold beverages (non-aerated). Have sugar-free ice cream if you have diabetes.
  • Do not spit after the oral surgery, as this may provoke bleeding at the site. You are advised to swallow the water/blood tinged saliva .
  • Repeat the ice pack on the affected side of face every 40 to 60 minutes.

Next 24 hours

  • Do not rinse your mouth vigorously for the next 24 hours.
  • Avoid any hot food or beverages for the next 24 hours. Take soft diet that include lot of cold fluids and nutritive items.
  • Do not suck from a straw on the day of extraction.
  • Do not spit, it can disturb the clot formation which can lead to prolong bleeding.
  • Do not touch the wound area with finger or tongue repeatedly.
  • Take the medication prescribed by our specialist on time.

After 1 day

  • After 24 hours of surgery, start oral rinses with warm saline 3-4 times daily for one week, it will help in rapid wound healing.
  • Continue soft diet for next 3-4 days after extraction.
  • Do not smoke and completely avoid alcohol during the after surgery and healing period.
  • Continue your prescribed medication on time. You may recalled for a dental appointment by our surgeon. In case of an emergency call our office at 8377990994